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Our Story

Dear Jordie is a small, Midwest, woman-owned skincare company. We recently launched our first line, The Wild Child Collection. (This is a gentle, 3-step skincare system for kids, tweens and teens, to help promote skin education and self-esteem. *free of fragrance, free of parabens, cruelty-free, vegan recipe*)

Behind Dear Jordie 🖤🤍🖤
Hey there :) My name is Jordan Cera and this is my imaginative daughter and wild child, Jovie. 
   I am a mental health therapist and skincare enthusiast, who started Dear Jordie after struggling to find a skincare community that spoke to me. 
 I understand the significance of living a healthy lifestyle and while I appreciate all of the experts and skinfluencers who show us how to live in that way, I felt like a bit of a misfit. A lot of what I was seeing just seemed too “perfect” or unobtainable. There was no way in hell I’d be able to keep up with some of those lifestyles, and quite frankly, I don’t want to.
 I'm not the type to consistently drink lemon water, eat a plant-based diet, or meditate daily. Did this mean I was undeserving of good skin? Not being able to keep up with those social media lifestyles created guilt and shame -- the opposite of self-care.
Something was missing. I needed a space that allowed me to express both my light and dark side, my soft and my bold. 
I wanted to see the wild woman who who stays up all night dancing, the witchy soul who worships the moon, the free spirit who bathes in the sun, and the unapologetic badass who honors her vices -- all while still maintaining skin integrity.
Dear Jordie offers a space for just that. You can have all the fun AND healthy, glowing skin. This is possible, because we put a lotta love and thought into our recipes. We use quality ingredients and skin-loving formulas.
Our products are so good, you don't have to be ;)
Hope you love Dear Jordie as much as we do.
Thanks for being here and thanks for being you. 

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